You can’t fake the funk in a room full of Gruyere. It’s just too funky!

Check out the SLIDESHOW for all Gabi Porter’s pics at ZAGAT!!! Check out coverage of the winners Andrew Gottlieb and Piers Moreton on Fox News!!!!!

It was sold out.  A lot of you didn’t get to see this thing.  Because I want you to feel what it is that we felt that day, I wrote a haiku to commemorate the occasion.

Celestial Moonlight of the Serenity of My Serenity
by Matt Timms

The warriors howl
on the cheezy battle field.
Macaroni. Tears.

Never before hath a poem so transported an entire audience directly back in time- to a place of total Brooklyn cheeze!

Here below is the cooks that gave their lives unto this infernal madness of eternal fury of putrid lust of blood puke. For their sacrifice of unholy cheeze, we thank them most wondrously in a serious way. Below the list of players and then a list of the people who even actually won actual prizes!

Thank you Takedownerz!  Thank you ZAGAT!  Thank you Bell House!

Sonya Samuel – Star Crossed Fried Chicken Mac and Cheeze Popperz
Erica and Rick – 4 Cheeze Broccoli Rabe Sausage M and C
Pete Johnton –  A Kick in the Teeth BBQ Spare Rib
Nazim Chowdhury- B3 -Bacon Bechumel Balls
Adrian Ashby – The Mac Daddy
Susan Palmer – Lobstah Fondue w/ Truffle Cheeze Croutons
Stephanie Wortel – Jackie’s Mac
Laura Maio- Zimroth – Modernist Cusine Mac
Piers Moreton – The Baby Maker
Eryn Stutts – Ugly Food Tastes Better – Reuben Mac
Andrew Gottlieb – 4 Mushroom Mac and Cheeze
Nicole Goodkind and John – Gruyere and Cheddar Mac
Zephan Courtney – Rosemary Mac
Dru Hilty – Mama’s Midwest M and C
The Four Horsemen of the Porkopalypse Homey Mustard, Pulled Pork, Candy Maple Bacon
Greg Erskine- Beefy Blue Cheese
Caesar-Robert Alfano – Quack and Cheeze
Edward Rivas – Fromage a Trois
Josh Bardavid and Jennie Pan – 5 Cheeze Bacon Infused Cream Cheeze
Sarah Mahr – Beer Brauts and Blue
James Ruth and Lindsay – Misfits Mac and Cheese
Marty B – Potato Sticks and Bacon M and C


Judges Top 3! (Judges were George Motz (NYFFF), Cathy Erway (NotEatingOutinNY), and James Mulcahy(ZAGAT)!!
3rd Susan Palmer – Lobstah Fondue w/ Truffle Cheeze Croutons
2nd  Josh Bardavid and Jennie Pan – 5 Cheeze Bacon Infused Cream Cheeze
1st Andrew Gottlieb  – 4 Mushroom M and C *

Honorary Mention (for a classic take on mac and cheeze)
Zeph  Courtney – Rosemary Mac and Cheeeeeze

People’s Choice!
3rd Nazim Chowdhury- B3 -Bacon Bechamel Balls
2nd Stephanie Wortel – Jackie’s Mac
1st Piers Moreton – The Baby Maker

pic by Gabi Porter







Portion of procedes benefit Women’s Education Project!

*Andrew Gottlieb’s Mac and Cheeze info- read this!!! : Dried Morel and Porcini integrated into the Bechamel, along with oungFontina. Then baked with Gruyere, aged Fontina and Emmentaler.Garnished with Pickled Beech Mushrooms, Roasted Oyster Mushrooms withMeyer Lemon, a Heritage Bacon Lardon and Bacon Fat Bread Crumbs.


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