Stay Cookies, Boston! Love the players, love the game!

Boston, um you did what now? Actually a ton of cookies is inside you? Guilt shblilt! I bet I ate more!  Thanks to The Middle East (Have you tried their stuffed eggplant in the upstairs Lebanese restaurant?  Holy shit!) for hosting this super rad cookie bomb- and to all the sweet-ass Boston home cooks for being so hard.  You guys are not, nor ever will be, a bummer. HAPPY HOLIDAYS BOSTON!!!!


READ ON – Love The Players, love The Game!!!!
#1 Holly Collins (Nomsense) – Peanut Butter Chocolate Almond Caramel
#3 Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel – Katie Connors
#4 Java Jives – Melanie Feehan (
#6 Oatmeal Overload – Howard Melman
#8 Toffee Peanut Butter Cup – Heather Yunger
#9 Caramel Stuffed Double Chocolate – Kelly Zamarian
#10 Layla’s Luscious Caramel Delights 
#11 Santa’s Little Helper – Jeff Sullivan + Susannah Buzard
#12 Whisky Bacon Chocolate Chip – Steve Bonanno (The Digg)
#13 Sriracha Red Rooster Pinwheels – Leah Klein & Deanna Dement Myers(
#14 Walnut Spirals – John Diener
#15 Salted Chocolate Toffee – Stacey Brown
People’s Choice
1st #14 Walnut Spirals – John Diener
2nd  #6 Oatmeal Overload – Howard Melman
3rd #8 Toffee Peanut Buter Cup – Heather Yunger
4th #13 Sriracha Red Rooster Pinwheels – Leah Klein & Deanna Dement Myers(
Judges Awards (Lakota Bakery and Dennis Nosko & Christine Robinson
1st #8 Toffee Peanut Buter Cup – Heather Yunger
2nd #14 Walnut Spirals – John Diener
3rd #1 Holly Collins ( – Peanut Butter Chocolat Almond Caramel
Honorable Mention #6 Oatmeal Overload – Howard Melman



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