Brooklyn Cookie TD: The Flight of Icarus

pic by Natash Ryan, Metromix

Do you know the Iron Maiden song “The Flight of Icarus”?  It’s a story they once wrote in the ’80s about a dude who flew to the sun on man-made wings. Sort of like “Icarus”, you sat down and ate a lot of cookies and egg nog, which kinda weighed you down a bit and so you fell to earth later that night. You probably went home and spent the rest of the night watching romantic comedies and whimpering about your stupid full belly of yumminess, and why did you just do that?  Listen dudes, don’t beat yourself up- maybe you can hit the gym in 2012, but let’s live in the present shall we?  It’s much more funner!

Check out pics at Metromix, and LocalBozo and Brooklyn Exposed!!!!! You might see your happy face in their slide shows, so check it out!

pic by Natasha Ryan, Metromix

Thanks be to the Bell House- who are so the best venue and staff in the land. Thanks be to my sponsors Cuisinart, West Bend, Chicago Metallic, Oxo, Anolon and Microplane and Bulleit Bourbon– for all the super dope prizes!!!

And thanks, most humbly and radly to all the cooks. They made 300 cookies each, and fed a sold out crowd of drunked-up revellers and each other! HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU GUYS!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST PEOPLE EVER!!!  (I’m super glad to say everyone who came was able to walk away with a Le Creuset spatula, an Oxo pastry cutter, and a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon!!!)

After the jump, let’s see the winnerz, and also ALL the yummy cookies at the Brooklyn Cookie Takedown:

pic by Natasha Ryan, Metromix

Here’s the winners, and I know I say this a lot, but wow you guys, you know you are all winners in my book, group hug.

1st  Susan Palmer – Chocolate Salty Car-Mal-Lards
2nd  Merrie Factor – “Don’t Call Me a Tart!”
3rd  Emily Cavedon – Chocolate Caramel Cayenne Cookies

1st Becky MacGregor – Miss Becky’s Sinfull Salty Samoas
2nd  Rachel Anderson – The Hottest Todd

3rd  Caesar-Robert Alfano – Chocolate Cake Cookie with Cafe Patron Sauce & Toasted Coconut (also known as “Patron Cabron!”)


Best Twist on an Original – Jeanna Miller- Short Bread No-Bakes


Best Not-Actually-A-Cookie – Susan Caprio – Ooey Gooey Nutty Chews





Best Execution – Laura Wyatt – Dutch Dutch Orange

#2 Christina Amoroso and Nadia Almahdi – Bourbon Gingerbread
#3 Emily Cavedown- Chocolate Caramelle Cayenne
#4 Michele Lamorte – Sugarrgh Cookie Coins
#5 Susan Lai – Apple Burger
#7 Emily Hanhan – Dagwood Blondies
#8 Greg Erskine – Chocolate Raspberry
#9 Staceyjoy Elkin – Spicy Chestnut Nips
#10 Noel Claro  – Double Chocolate Minties
#11 Susan Caprio – Ooey Gooey Nutty Chewies
#12 Becky MacGregor – Miss Becky’s Sinful Salty Samoas
#13 Merrie Factor – “Don’t Call Me a Tart!”
#14 Teresa Abbate – Cardomam Thumbprint
#15 Susan Palmer – Chocolate Salty Car-Mal-Lards
#17 Laura Wyatt – Dutch Dutch Orange
#18 Rachel Anderson – The Hottest Todd
#19 Mahira Sheikh – Santa’s Sweet Balls of Fire
#21 Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello – Chewy Chocolate Cherry
#22 Stephanie Venetsky – Saigon Gingerbread Leaves
#23 Deirdre Synan – Chocolate Cranberry Spectacular
#24 Merrilee Santoro – Watermelon
#25 Edward Revis – Apple Granola with Salted Caramel
#26 Caesar-Robert Alfano – Chocolate Cake Cookie with Cafe Patron Sauce & Toasted Coconut (also known as “Patron Cabron!”)
#27 Faye Nwafor – Monster Sour Cream Chocolate Chip with a Chocolate Butter Cranberry Drizzle
#28 Rachael Barasch – PB Chocolate Chip
#29 Jeanna Miller – Shortbread No Bake




pic by Natasha Ryan, Metromix
Prizes by:

Portion of procedes benefit Women’s Education Project!


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