2 days of Cookie Vainglory! It’s The 2014 Cookie Takedown!!!

cookie14bkwebHappy The Holidays! You have a bet with yourself, the day you forgot last year’s very sincere resolutions. The bet is I bet you can eat more cookies in 2014.  Okay hotshot so prove it I don’t even believe you!  Since the blowing up of the Cookie Takedown, this is now a 2 day takedown– come Saturday, come Sunday—>>> but come.  Bottomless cookies and eggnog, Brooklyn.  Tis the damn season. TILL YOUR WORLD SPINS!!!!

CALL FOR COOKS- email me at chilitakedown@gmail.com – and pick Saturday or Sunday, Dec 6 OR 7, to compete! Hit me up, home cooks- prizes from KitchenAid (stand mixers!), Cake Boss, Whusthof, and Microplane!

Dec 6 AND Dec 7 2-4PM at The Bell House…  TIX HERE!

An hour of free Maker’s Mark hot toddies each day!!!

There’s a rumble in this cookie jungle!!!  A punked up sensation by scary Avi Spivak ^^^




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Portion of procedes benefit Women’s Education Project!

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