BRRRRRooklyn!!!!! Ice Cream Takedown 2014!!!

We jammed The Bell House with wall to wall bezerkazoidical ice cream ideas!!!  Did you know there is now chicken ice cream?  Yup.  It’s true.  But as a tree explodes in the forest, you would only know that if you were there!!!! Thanks to the Bell House, the prize sponsors, and especially all the coolest kids who made 100+ gallons of ice cream!!!!

Check out the pics on the Takedown FB page!

2014-07-26 23.17.54and now, after the jump are all the ice creamz and winnerz and funnerz!!!!

1. Eryn Stutts – Galaxy
2. Debbie Chung – Beer and a Shot
3. Lisa Archer- Cherry Brick Road
4. Daisy Bow & David Langkamp – Y Tu Mango También
5. Naomi Wolf – Key Lime Pie
6. Reza Vahid –  Bourbon Butter Pecan
7. Guinevere Osborn – Pancake Ice Cream
8. Randee Kestenbaum – Burnt Honey
9. Netnapa Leung – Summer Dream
10. Bradley Hinton and Time Alexander – Chicken and Waffles
11.Coquito – Tony Santoro
13. Chelsea Colby – Sweet Corn with Blackberry Swirl
15. Angela Robles – Mango Mohito
18. Loreal Monroe – Tumeric Lemongrass TLC
19. Russell Berger – Plumble Chocolate Rumble
20. Cristina Reece and Alex Sochinsky – Orange Creamsicle
21. Jason Friedman, Brian Hienes, Josh Fischer – Darjeeling Dynasty
22. Jake Stavis – Blueberry Good Good
24. Kira McGinnis – Cookie Butter

Judges Choice:
1st #6 Reza Vahid –  Bourbon Butter Pecan
2nd #3 Lisa Archer- Cherry Brick Road
3rd #19 Russell Berger – Plumble Chocolate Rumble

People’s Choice
1st #4 Daisy Bow & David Langkamp- Y Tu Mango También
2nd #9 Netnapa Leung – Summer Dream
3rd #11 Coquito – Tony Santoro


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Portion of proceeds benefit Women’s Education Project!

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