Thy blade hath drunk deeply, Boston.

Boston has the most colleges and universities in the country. The home of MIT and Harvard to name only 2. They invented beans, and chowder.  Arguably, one might say this is totally the smartest city.  Which explains why 300 of their finest power genius mind lords  show up to the Armory for the Boston Bacon Takedown, just to fill their bellies with all-you-can-eat bacon recipes, until they were officially happysick!!

So, wow! Boston, right?  You guys finally did the thing that I’ve been dreaming of for years now, and you did it wicked good.  Bacon. Corn. Dogs.  I’m not lying, I’ve wanted to see bacon corn dogs since I started doing Bacon Takedowns in 2009, and now that dream is SO REAL!

Thanks to Boston cooks, who are the goodest people!  Thanks to The Armory, which, turns out, is way better than any Boston venue.  Great staff, awesome bar, and it’s in happy Somerville, not stinky downtown. And thanks to my sponosr Hormel Black Label Bacon– for making this, the 3rd leg of the Bacon Takedown tour so succesful…  what a rad ride!!!

AFTER THE JUMP all the recipes and the winners!!!

People’s Choice Awards:

       1st: Dan Coes and David Swan—Bacon Caramels

       2nd: Andrew Warner and Ariel Hopkins—Bacon Bleu Balls (bleu cheeseburger balls wrapped in bacon)

       3rd: Aaron Tanaka and Kalila Barnett—Bacon Sushi


Judges Choice Awards:

       1st: Dan Coes and David Swan—Bacon Caramels

       2nd: Eric Sugure and Emily Lynch—Pigwich (maple ice cream and bacon oatmeal cookie)

       3rd: Leah Klein and Deanna Dement-Meyer—Bubble and Squeal (a bourbon soda and cornbread stacked with bacon and eggs)


Full Contestant List & Recipes

       Andrew Warner and Ariel Hopkins: Bacon Bleu Balls (bacon wrapped bleu cheeseburger balls)

       Zak and Erica Waldstein: Colter’s Hangover Cure (bacon ice cream)

       Leah Klein and Deanna Dement-Meyers: Bubble and Squeal (bourbon soda with cornbread bacon and eggs stack)

       Eric Sugrue and Emily Lynch: Pigwich (maple ice cream in oatmeal cookie sandwich with bacon chips in the cookie and ice cream)

       Melissa and Hannah: Bacon fried rice

       Ace Daforno: Ace’s Monsta Bacon Chili

       Cuisine De Locale, Heather Schmidt and Ken Cmar: Bacon is Meat Candy Tart (oat cookie, caramelized fennel, bacon, bleu cheese and caramel sauce)

       Michael Sandler: Bacon stuffed sausages braised in Slumbrew IPA with kombucha mustard and spicy slammin’ kraut

       Sarah Sholes and Rob Haley: Bacon shake and bacon doodles (snickerdoodles)

       Guinevere Osborn and Phil Kern: Bacorndogs

       Dan Coes and David Swan: Bacon caramels

       Aaron Tanaka and Kalila Barnett: Bacon sushi

       Oh Cake,  Jessica Hose and Tom Witt: Maple bacon chocolate chip ice cream sandwich

       Matt Petrelis and Shari Eletherion: Cheesy bacon jalapeno grits served in an egg


Prize Sponsors:


Portion of procedes benefit Women’s Education Project!


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