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Enjoy Takedown art, over the years!!!

Since the beginning, The Takedown has relied on expert artists to get the word out! Warrior princesses do battle in distant lands to rescue (or destroy?) bowls of chili. Goat headed snake men who dare partake of chili most foul are hewn in two by vixen sorceress babes. A world dominated by the evilest foods!

Unlike most art, this I totally get.

Check out all this craziness over the years… 

Breakfast will always triumph over evil! Thanks for reminding us, Pat Dorian!

That porkball wizard sure plays a mean porkball. Sean Sullivan‘s got us all on TILT!

Belly up to the fire, maties, and I’ll tell you a tale of bodacious delights! Tentacles and skulls and decapitated heads! Just don’t wake the gnome or this night is finished. Thanks Bill Hauser!!!!

Artist Graham Yarrington visited the rock monsters of Hades, and tempted them with triple sundaes to woo his way back over the River Styx! PHEW!

Mustard style meets Saurkraut style meets Expert Tummy Rubby style in a battle for dojo supremacy! Once again, Sean Sullivan karate chops his way to victory poster the best!

Up Up Side Side Select Select Down! Unlock the secret moves and splatter bad guy guts on the city streets of Greenpoint Brooklyn- at the Taco Takedown! Thanks Sean Sullivan!!!!

Death metal, headbanging and macandcheeze have been inextricably linked since the dawn of time. Did you know? Zombos eat brains because they look (kinda) like macaroni! Don’t be fooled, zombos! Thanks Patrick Jenkins!!!!

50 years ago, humans were much shorter than they are now- and giants would hunt us! So much safer to live here in the future! Thanks for reminding us all, Sean Sullivan!

The Chocolate Takedown is a bodice ripper! Artist Sean Sullivan checked it out from the library and skipped to page 243!

Not much is know about the underground yeti soup bar scene, except that you probably aren’t cool enough to slurp soup there. Artist Sean Sullivan reporting.

Just look at this and you’re catching the gravy train on a one-way ticket straight to fart city! Hail chili monster! BRAAAP thx Ramone!

The most important ingredient in homebrewed beer… is love. The other ingredients are a still-beating heart, the face of a snail, and puppydog tails. Just ask Devin Clark!

If you like ripping into blood-colored seabugs to feast on their spongy flesh, you understand there’s a lot of tools you’re gonna need. Buoys and hammers and lemons oh my! Thanks Lauren Kaelin!


My ultimate fantasy is to eat giant ice creamz without ever stopping. If sexy naked ladies are there with their butts in my ice cream, I’ll tell them politely to please move. Thanks Ashley Zelinskie va va voom!!!!

The drunkest monkey gods dance fight the silliest dragon frogs in a fermented war to dominate the skies! Thanks Shawn Cheng, who knows how to draw good!

Remember when that gorgeous Jewish Ninja infiltrated the Takedown and triggered a massive timeflux ruptureof the Time/Space/Challah Continuum? Koren Shadmi was on hand to witness the inferno!

Don’t misinterprate the intentions of a 3D Macaroni Monsters who only wants to jump out of the screen and hug you and be your best friend forever! (Do you think artist Sean Sullivan knows he’s brilliant, that he actually engineered this 3D art to actually 3D? )

Deep in the jungles of Cambodia, the fight for DEMOCRAZY continues!!! I hope our hero doesn’t run out of meatball ammo!!!! They hate us for our freedom, Gunsho!!!!

If you love chocolate, your live and breathe chocolate. As you smash it through the gears of your damn skull! That’s just science, man. Chet Knebel rools!

Back in the olden times, 6000 years ago, when the earth was born and man walked with the Dinosaurs, those crazy dinos was always givin those guys problems. A Soup Takedown was the only thing that would settle the beef! A big AMEN to Sean Sullivan!!!!


If a cookie dictatorship assumes power when everyone forgets to vote, we will be doomed to a life of happiness and endless fun. Sean Sullivan, an artist at Augenblick Studios delivers this stern warning…


“And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and boy oh boy does he ever love chili! Yeehaw!!!” Revelation 9:11 (muchas gracias Gunsho!)



The Texas Lobster Massacre of 1981 is well documented. Many hillbillies lost their lives to that dreaded stock pot, and the hillbilly lobsters that stoked the flames. Gunsho. You did it again.


Through the power of beerfarts, so does the Homebrew yogi attain nirvana. Thank you, Gunsho, for capturing the Eternal in all of us… om shanti.


I had chainsawed and axed up a katwillion scumbags in Hotline Miami before I discovered the wizard artist Niklas Akerblad – a super psychotic psychedelic homocidal funfriend from Gothenburg, Sweden! If you’re afraid of Space Ronins and Ice Cream, don’t come to the Ice Cream Takedown! You’ve been warned.


Don’t ever stop fighting, says Gunsho. Yes, there’s demons who would take your mac and cheeze. Yes, they have fireswords. And yes, you have forkhands and a will to skewer the guilty. Mac and Cheezez will PREVAIL!!!!!


Can we conquer tacos? Or will they conquer us? It’s food for thought dudes, food for fukkin thought… Maybe with the help of a couple of conans, an alien warrior princess and also a skeleton princess maybe we can get ‘er done. We can win!!!! Thanks of esplaining us that, Andy Belanger!!!


It was only a matter of time before I asked my MOM to make a takedown poster! Her love of naked mole rats is more obvious here than her love of meatballs. Also, the love of her son, who she compares, quite rightly with Napoleon. Also there’s sodoku, which sometimes occupies her attention. … Oh and do you notice the Da Vinci reference? My mom, folks. Best ever and keeps you guessing. Read up on Naked Mole rats if you want your mind blown about the hive mind!!!!!!!!


If you don’t know Avi Spivak, you don’t know jak, daddy! This Area 51 party  is out of control, but takedowns is about cookies till the world burns! End of the world sex! Drunken degenerates! Monkeys eatin cookies! That’ the problem with the youth today! Check out his way out art at


So this is my ART HERO Lale Westvind‘s pitch when we were talkin chili poster: “So this is two alien beings in ships using telepathic projection to battle each other with projected beasts. Crowds of smooth faced beings collect to watch the show. Then a panel showing the straining faces of the two pilot duelers followed by a panel from afar of the light and smoke being put out by the fight. The smooth faced crowd surround the vehicles as they explode…leaving puddles of bubbly residue all over the landscape, the smooth face beings suck up the puddles happily with long straws.” FOLKS, SHE NAILED IT.

The endorphin rush of molten-assed lava sauce makes you want to flip cars, save the world and destroy all bad guys. Artist Chris Hamer wields a mighty drawing axe at !!!!

An angler fish tripping out on its own delicious lure, must therefore eat itself. THINK ABOUT IT. Tessa BX did!!!! She stippled for DAYZ to make this gorgeous thang!!!

WHUT DA HECK IS DAT. Well I’ll tell you what it isn’t and that’s uncool! Devin Michael Toye even took the time to .gif this and now merry christmas you get an eye heart attak!

Joe Simko (, Garbage Pail Kids, and more) fufills the dream of every young Avocado on fire: to be #1 in the world at killing people.)

Joe Simko (, Garbage Pail Kids, and more) fulfills the dream of every young avocado on fire: to be #1 in the world at killing people.)


Slap slap! Stop crying! Slap slap! YES! This could actually happen! If we continue to attempt communications with the Out There, an alien race could completely take us over and reinterpret our Hot Dish and Bars recipes, so CAREFUL, NASA!  Jeremy Jusay hypothesized the End of Man!

Known for having major hyperviolent issues artist Katie Went takes inspiration from the fact that she is a crazy ass psychopath from the bowels of heck! Check her out at


Ricardo Roques accidentally beamed up a fistic kaiju explosion that splattered blood and bones across the land! Woops!

There would be no war if the gods we worshiped were more funner,  more Mac and Cheeze-oriented!!!    Thanks once again, Luke Ramsey!

SHUT UP, GWAMMIE IS WATCHING HER PWOGWAMS. (Thanks Matt Langland for making us think this time! Art within art, man. Meta.)

OMG she’s got a gun! Fine by me! If you’re a foul temptress, at least tempt me with ice cream before you blow me away with your old-timey blunderbuss!  Southern warpainter Mike Snyder created this icey Art Nouveau thang!

Matt Langland reanimated the fetid zombie monstercorpse of Bob Ross, so he could help paint and raise money for CityMeals on Wheels at the first ever PAINTING TAKEDOWN!

Langland does it again, chumps. Situation: You’re in hell. Viperous snakes everywhere. But there are also perfect meatballs you must eat. What do you do? Wait a minute…  this isn’t hell at all! And these snakes are  actually friendly snakes!!!  and they are protecting the meatballs just for you because you got permanent meatball dibs! This is the most wonderful place on earth!

Artist Luke Ramsey lives on an island off of Canada. He has never attended a cookie takedown, but just assumed (qutie rightly) that Takedowns are in fact heinous blood rituals where everyone gets their heads chopped off all the time! Awesome!!!  Cookie Takedowns are MESSED UP!!!!

An actual genius, Aaron Augenblick of Augenblick Studios* (Ugly Americans, SuperJail) decided it was high time Matt Timms appeared as the scariest of monsters made of chili. Here I am, doing what I do best- which is to necessarily scare the crap out of awesome babes! Yikes!

I asked Matt to draw me something rad, but I never expected him to blow my brain out my butt with this terrifying love song from hell! It’s got everything I love! vampire horses! hypodermic space ships! Flying warrior fishes!!!

Probably the scariest picture ever created. Matt Langland cruelly recreates the 69th circle of Dante’s Inferno, the realm of the Ice Cream Makers… Scream!!!!

This one is high concept hyper violence… basically, the Takedown’s warrior princess decides to teach a family of ducks a lesson they will never forget! Thanks for another great poster, Matt Langland!!!

Matt Langland returns from a baby hiatus to forge this cheezy nightmare out of molten cheeze and ink!

Depth charge!!!! Matt Timms had to change and change and change his underpants when Tallboy presented him with this thoroughly metal-blasted image of a dead guy who loves cookies- to get people in the mood for the 2011 Cookie Takedown!!!! Fly!!!! On your wings!!!! Like an eagle!!!!!! Thanks Tallboy!!!!

The Takedown most recently reached out to vile barbarian Devin Clark (Ugly Americans) – and he was like yes dude I totally get that Takedowns are a mandatory battle of good and evil let me interpret that winningly for you:

my new hot sauce!

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